Club track – I want your body

I’m happy to announce my brand new club track: “I want your body (On the dancefloor)”. The song is produced in my studio in Copenhagen Denmark, and I have got the fabulous LisB on vocal. Take a listen:

I hope you like it, and if you are deejaying I will be honered if you bring it to your dancefloor!

In this zip package you’ll find both the Original, an Extended and an Acapella version of the song in high quality: Zip package – I want your body

I hope you will give me some feedback if you bring it to your dancefloor party people! Find me on Instagram (Martin Hans Jensen) or send me an email at

You are welcome to listen to all my other tracks as well, but I warn you! A lot of it is in Danish, and only a few of them is produced with the dancefloor in mind 😉

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